《Cisco CCNA视频教程》(CCNA CBT Nuggets)[RMVB]

《Cisco CCNA视频教程》(CCNA CBT Nuggets)[RMVB]
  • 片  名  《Cisco CCNA视频教程》(CCNA CBT Nuggets)[RMVB]
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    The CBT Nuggets Cisco CCNA Certification Package is a comprehensive collection of training videos that completely covers the objectives for the recently updated 640-801 CCNA exam. But to say that this series is merely a test prep tool is like calling the Mona Lisa merely a painting of a girl . The CCNA series is intended to enrich your IT career. It s designed to be your ticket to IT utopia, a career working in the exciting field of network infrastructure and technology.
    This series is also an excellent source of career continuation training, and a solid on-the-job reference. A network engineer is alot like a medical doctor. There is a great deal of information to know, there is a requirement to be continually learning and advancing your mind, but there is also a time when you need good references. A successful doctor has a broad range of knowledge, but knows when and how to call in a specialist for a particularly difficult case. Similarly, a CCNA will need a reference that he or she can rely on. This video series is your referral to a specialist . When you don t feel comfortable with a particular area of deployment or maintenance, just pop in the 30-minute video covering that concept and implementation and you re ready to go.
    I ve known Emilio (trainer for the CBT Nuggets CCNA series) for 8 years. With regard to Cisco technologies and network infrastructure, he is the one individual that I trust absolutely and without hesitation. If I knew of a conflict between what Emilio had told me and the Cisco documentation, I would bet the farm that the Cisco documentation was incorrect. As a systems engineer consultant, I hired Emilio to help me with two network infrastructure contracts I was involved in. In one of those contracts we ran into some WAN connectivity devices from an unnamed vendor that just wouldn t work. Our implementation was flawless, and per the vendor, these devices had never been used in the capacity we were configuring. Emilio reverse engineered the devices and re-configured them at a low-level and we were fully successful with the devices and the project. The vendor then solicited Emilio to teach it s engineers the re-configuration steps and the theory behind his successful implementation. That s what makes Emilio second to none. He understands and can do, he understands at such a granular level that he can adapt and succeed where success is not apparent. I am personally very thankful that Emilio has agreed to be the CBT Nuggets full-time Cisco trainer. I am certified as a CCNA, but I ll have to be honest, before I watched Emilio s videos I was a paper CCNA . I didn t know that I was a paper CCNA until I watched the videos, and I certainly don t feel like one now. I would literally get excited when Emilio would e-mail me and let me know that another CCNA video is ready for review. This series is incredible, I m very proud of the training.
    - Dan Charbonneau, MCSE 2000, MCT, CCNA, Master CNE
    CBT Nuggets MCSE 2000 trainer
    President and founder, CBT Nuggets
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