《Windows Vista: The Complete Reference》CHM

《Windows Vista: The Complete Reference》CHM
  • 片  名  《Windows Vista: The Complete Reference》CHM
  • 简  介  发行时间: 2007年05月01日对白语言: 英语
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  • 详细介绍中文名: Windows Vista: The Complete Reference版本: CHM发行时间: 2007年05月01日地区: 美国对白语言: 英语简介:
    Microsoft Windows Vista Programming: The Complete Reference
    作者: Herbert Schildt (Author)
    页数: 900 pages
    出版: McGraw-Hill Osborne Media; 1 edition
    日期: May 1, 2007
    语言: English
    ISBN-10: 0072262842
    ISBN-13: 978-0072262841
    Windows Vista教程,让你轻松的进入Windows Vista的精彩世界。它会教你轻松地运行程序,发送邮件,烧录CD和DVD等日常的操作,享受新一代操作系统的乐趣。并向你介绍大量的细节和VISTA特有的功能。让你将发现大量关于屏幕、桌面和图表的最佳性能。
    Filled with clear screenshots and detailed explanations, this guide will help you take full advantage of the high-performance features available in Microsoft Windows Vista and experience the power of this integrated, next-generation operating system.
    About the Author
    Herb Schildt (Mahomet, IL) is a leading authority on C and C++ and a best-selling author whose books have sold more than 2 million copies. His acclaimed C and C++ books include Teach Yourself C, C++ from the Ground Up, C++: The Complete Reference, Java Programmer s Reference, STL Programming from the Ground Up, Windows 98 Programming from the Ground Up, and co-author of C/C++ Annotated Archives.
    Table of Contents
    Windows Vista-The Complete Reference
    Part I - Working in Windows Vista
    Chapter 1 - The Basics of Windows Vista
    Chapter 2 - Running Programs
    Chapter 3 - Installing Programs
    Chapter 4 - Getting Help
    Chapter 5 - Copying, Moving, and Sharing Information Between Programs
    Chapter 6 - Sharing Your Computer with Multiple Users
    Chapter 7 - Managing Appointments and Schedules with Windows Calendar
    Part II - Managing Your Disk
    Chapter 8 - Using Files and Folders
    Chapter 9 - Managing Files and Folders
    Chapter 10 - Backing Up Your Files with the Backup Utility
    Part III - Configuring Windows for Your Computer
    Chapter 11 - Setting Up Your Start Menu and Taskbar
    Chapter 12 - Setting Up Your Desktop
    Chapter 13 - Configuring Your Keyboard, Mouse, Game Controller, and Regional Settings
    Chapter 14 - Adding and Removing Hardware
    Chapter 15 - Printing
    Chapter 16 - Running Windows Vista on Laptops
    Chapter 17 - Ease of Access Center
    Part IV - Working with Text, Pictures, Sound, and Video
    Chapter 18 - Working with Documents in Windows Vista
    Chapter 19 - Working with Graphics
    Chapter 20 - Working with Sound
    Chapter 21 - Working with Video
    Chapter 22 - Working with Windows Media Center
    Part V - Windows Vista on the Internet
    Chapter 23 - Configuring Windows to Work with Your Modem
    Chapter 24 - Connecting to the Internet
    Chapter 25 - Using Windows Mail for E-mail
    Chapter 26 - Browsing the World Wide Web with Internet Explorer
    Chapter 27 - Internet Conferencing with Windows Live Messenger
    Chapter 28 - Other Internet Programs That Come with Windows Vista
    Part VI - Networking with Windows Vista
    Chapter 29 - Designing a Windows-Based Local Area Network
    Chapter 30 - Configuring Windows for a LAN
    Chapter 31 - Sharing Drives and Printers on a LAN
    Chapter 32 - Connecting Your LAN to the Internet
    Chapter 33 - Network, Internet, and Web Security
    Part VII - Windows Housekeeping
    Chapter 34 - Formatting and Partitioning Disks
    Chapter 35 - Keeping Your Disk Safe
    Chapter 36 - Tuning Windows Vista for Maximum Performance
    Chapter 37 - Troubleshooting Windows Vista
    Chapter 38 - Windows Update, Windows Ultimate Extras, and Other Windows Vista Resources
    Part VIII - Behind the Scenes-Windows Vista Internals
    Chapter 39 - Windows Vista Configuration Files
    Chapter 40 - Registering Programs and File Types
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