Schleprock -《America's Dirty Little Secret》[MP3!]

Schleprock -《America's Dirty Little Secret》[MP3!]
  • 片  名  Schleprock -《America's Dirty Little Secret》[MP3!]
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  • 详细介绍专辑中文名: America s Dirty Little Secret歌手: Schleprock资源格式: MP3简介:

    Audio CD (August 13, 1996)
    Original Release Date: August 13, 1996
    Label: Warner Brothers
    I heard of Schleprock from my brother. He said it was his favorite CD. When I saw it used i decided what the hell...and bought it without ever hearing anything from the band. This is one of the best Cd s in my collection. Not only does it have catchy tunes and good beats, it has well written lyrics. I reccommend you all buy it.
    the 1st time i heard suburbia on mtv a few years back i didn t really like it.i said to myself it was just another punk band on a major label trying to get the money and fame.i was really blown away from what i heard when my friend decided to buy the album a few weeks later.this is one hell of a punk album.suburbia wan t played much on tv or the radio(thank god cause it was a catchy song and would have hit big back when it came out in the ska comeback era in 96-97)this band has some really good lyrics to go with their in your face punk.the title track is possible one of the best songs i ve heard in a while.the lyrics are political and have a good anti-rascism theme to some of them.they also cover cock sparrer s runnin riot and do a very good job of covering it if you ve seen this album or heard suburbia(i like it alot know that i know what schleprock s about and the lyrics are very good on it too)and think they are just another money/fame hungry band well you ll be surprised to find that untrue,i the way,where is schleprock these days?did they break up?-jason
    1. We Need An Anthem
    2. No Heros
    3. Suburbia
    4. Like A Rat
    5. It s Alright
    6. (America s) Dirty Little Secret
    7. Runnin Riot
    8. TV Dinner
    9. Under The Gun
    10. Can t Hold Me Down
    11. Somber Song
    12. Back With A Bang
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