Tim Janis -《演奏会上的音乐家》(An American Composer In Concert)[MP3!]

Tim Janis -《演奏会上的音乐家》(An American Composer In Concert)[MP3!]
  • 片  名  Tim Janis -《演奏会上的音乐家》(An American Composer In Concert)[MP3!]
  • 简  介  发行时间: 2001年10月23日
  • 类  别  音乐
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  • 详细介绍专辑中文名: 演奏会上的音乐家专辑英文名: An American Composer In Concert艺术家: Tim Janis资源格式: MP3发行时间: 2001年10月23日地区: 美国简介: 发行公司:Tim Janis Ensemble
    Tim Janis是美国“天籁之音”乐团的灵魂人物,钢琴及电子合成器演奏家。他热衷于音乐的治疗潜能,并称自己的碟片和音乐会为“具有使命的音乐”。也有人这样评价他:“ 当今Newage领域里像Tim Janis这样坚持用传统管弦乐的表现手法做音乐的已经凤毛麟角。Tim Janis能始终屹立在世界Newage的一线创作领域足以体现其实力,他那充满交响乐恢弘气势的作品在音乐创作日渐标新立异的时代仍然拥有无数听众。”
    Tim Janis善于大胆地运用抑扬的旋律,以及渐渐激烈的内心挣扎作为渲染,来表现他的想象力:每个简短的片段都描绘出一条通往永生极乐之归宿的途径。呈现出来的是一个田园牧歌般的世界,充满了令人心灵震撼的庄严:海岸线的惊心动魄,日落时的绚烂光辉,琥珀色的海浪仿佛谷粒,永无休止。
    《An American Composer In Concert》(演奏会上的音乐家)是一张Tim Janis的精选专辑,也许大家已经听过了他的《十二月清晨》和《看海》等作品,Tim Janis风格清新脱俗,音乐旋律优美独特,琴声清脆明亮。Tim Janis在过去几年创作了五张专辑,销量高达四百万张,十九首原创的美丽旋律,带你进入一个忘我的音乐世界。
    Composer Tim Janis has long straddled the line between contemporary instrumental and classical music. With An American Composer in Concert, he further blurs that line. The first nine tracks of this disc were recorded by the Tim Janis Ensemble in the composer s studio. They re short, majestic, and relaxing instrumentals named after nature themes ( Cape Elizabeth, The Fallen Leaves of Autumn, Pacific Wind ). Things pick up slightly during the 10 live tracks that make up the second half of this disc. Recorded at Alice Tully Hall in Lincoln Center with the American Symphony Orchestra, these tracks feature luxuriant strings, the occasional pennywhistle solo, and one vocal track (a take on Amazing Grace with sweeping orchestrations). As with most Janis efforts, there s nothing groundbreaking here, just soothing music and pleasant melodies. --Jason Verlinde (Amazon.com)
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