Amy Winehouse -《Back to Black》[MP3!]

Amy Winehouse -《Back to Black》[MP3!]
  • 片  名  Amy Winehouse -《Back to Black》[MP3!]
  • 简  介  发行时间: 2006年10月30日地区: 美国语言: 英语
  • 类  别  音乐
  • 小  类  欧美音乐

  • 详细介绍简介: 专辑介绍:
    AMY WINEHOUSE第二张专辑《Back to Black》是英国最好的soul音乐专辑,或是近年来最好的。她的第一张专辑《Frank》感觉很轻松,有关脱衣舞的内容。而《Back to Black》却完全不同于第一张。这次的专辑,她从60年代的经典女子组合如Supremes和 the Shangri-Las获得了灵感,因为她的声音质地很像她们,同时加入现代词曲的细腻感。
    制作人Mark Ronson和 Salaam Remi帮助,专辑歌曲 Rehab 成为了一首有福音音乐伴随的顿足爵士舞曲。《Back to Black》专辑同名歌是一首伤心的曲子,是献给Phil Spector的。这首歌有低音鼓,节奏钢琴,排钟,萨克斯和风琴。然而最好的是《Back to Black》这首歌用轻松自如的(无论在分格或内容上)成年人的品位引领了当今的R B的潮流。她的歌词采用成年人的视角,来阐述诚实,直率,经常也很复杂:在《You Know I m No Good》这首歌中,她没有向她的不忠道歉。但是有时又很诙谐,在《Me Mrs Jones》中猛烈的批评一个男朋友“你使我亲吻了Slick Rick gig”。《Back to Black》是一盘清新地成熟的soul音乐专辑,是这些年来同类专辑中最好地。
    What a wonderful record Amy Winehouse s 2nd release Back to Black confirms her as a major talent for the millenium. BtB is a straightforward album that plays from start to finsih. Each track is a gem of retro style and modern sensibilities. Amy and her producers cleverly mine a wealth of sixties pop and soul styles with references from classic motown, to doowop and to Brill building style NYC pop (think Phil Spector), hitting everything spot-on. She knows her musical history and employs this knowledge to convey modern hipster sensibilities. Songs are filled with stories of love gone bad, twisted romances, a predilection for hard living - smoking weed and hard drinking. Amy s no shrinking violet - she s a woman with an attitude and an in-your-face point of view. Let s me not fail to mention the quality of her vocals - she gives outstanding vocal performances throughout the 35 minute disc. Each song, turn of phrase, vocal affectation compell you to listen closely and to feel what she s saying. At 35 minutes, I wished the album was longer but she keeps it real and leaves you wanting more. If you like music beyond the formulaic and with personality this is a must have. Hopefully there will be a stateside release and you won t have to pay the 35 bucks Amazon is asking. It is worth it though. Amy Amy Amy
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被black to black惊艳到..飞来下整张


我是听了她的《you know i no good》才来下这张专辑的,希望这张专辑不会让我失望的,还有那首歌真的好听得很!!!